People Often ask, "how long have you been performing magic?" Well, This counter shows how long it has been since I saw the card trick that changed my life.

My Dad brought me to an off-duty police gig he had at the Grace Inn hotel in Ahwatukee, Arizona. In the hotel's restaurant "Mathew's Grill" we were entertained by a substitute close-up magician named J. Tank. (Filling in for Steve Schieszer) After my signed card appeared in Tanks zipped up wallet my life was changed for good. I still carry that card in my wallet to this day.

The next day, my Dad took me to "Bert Easley's Fun Shop" in downtown Phoenix, and a weekly tradition was born. Every week my Dad and I would make that journey to pickup a new trick, or book and learn more magic.

In the summer of 1993 I started "working" at Easley's 3 days a week for free. It was an awesome experience where I learned a ton of magic. I would take the bus from north Phoenix at Paradise Valley Community College down to Central and McDowell each day to learn, teach, and sell magic. The commute was 2 hours each way and I would practice the whole time. That Halloween they officially hired me and I worked there for 7 years.    .