PTFU Intro Package Assets 

Below are the assets available for for my PTFU package. These items are stored on my Amazon S3 account and can easily be downloaded for your use. You may have to "Right Click" and "Save As" to actually download the files.

If you have any questions, call, text, or email me anytime.
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Unicycle Videos

  • Kids and Unicycles
    Kids and Unicycles

    I ride a unicycle with Azlin (7 years old) on my shoulders while Railey (10 years old) rides around us in circles on her unicycle.

Pyro Video

  • Grand Finale Video
    Grand Finale Video

    This is a video of me shooting the grand finale on the 4th of July. Maybe this would fit in the "World's most interesting Dad" spot?


"Most costume changes in eight hours"

  • Costumes PDF Image Book
    Costumes PDF Image Book

    This is a single PDF document containing images of all 200 costumes that I tried on for the "Most costume changes in eight hours" record.

  • Costumes 200 Costumes in 1 Intro
    Costumes 200 Costumes in 1 Intro

    This is a short video of me introducing the costume challenge. The last few seconds shows all of the costumes on the rack. It's a lot of costumes!

"Tallest stack of hats worn at once"

  • Video Evidence
    Video Evidence

    This footage was pretty bad due to several issues but there may be some usable snippets in there.

"Tallest stack of hats worn while unicycling"

  • Video Evidence
    Video Evidence

    Right around the 2 minute mark is where this clip gets interesting. There may be other useful stuff in there as well though.

Zipped Photos Folder