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CONTACT: John Fitzsimons - (602) 820-6202 - onefreetrick@gmail.com

Available for In-Studio Appearances Or On Location At JP's Comedy Club in Gilbert, AZ

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The Magic is Back! 

Netflix has reported losing 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, marking the first time it had lost subscribers in over 10 years. They anticipate losing millions of additional subscribers throughout 2022. 

According to John Fitzsimmons - The Comedy Trickster, “There are many theories for Netflix's loss of subscribers, and I believe one of the biggest reasons is that people are ready to get out and experience LIVE entertainment again.” 

In this segment, John will share with your audience how he is seeing live entertainment coming back to corporate, private, and public events all while performing visual interactive comedy magic with your hosts.


  • Rubik’s Cube solved while blindfolded and riding a unicycle
  • The world’s most dangerous card trick 
  • Escape from a Straitjacket while riding a unicycle
  • The S.T.U.P.I.D. Hat™
  • Balloon Swallowing
  • And more…

John Fitzsimmons has appeared on every major TV network in the nation including appearances on "America's Got Talent", he received a perfect score on ABC's "The Gong Show", and he was most recently featured on Penn & Teller's show, "Fool Us". John has also performed on 3 different TEDx stages and currently, he is a 3-time GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® holder. John Fitzsimmons is a full-time professional magician based out of the Phoenix area. He specializes in performing Stand-up Comedy Magic for corporate, private, and public events across the country. 

Viewers can experience John Fitzsimmons’ magic live this weekend. He is headlining at JP’s Comedy Club in Gilbert, from June 9th through the 11th. Tickets and information are available at ComedyTrickster.com 

Contact: John Fitzsimmons (602) 820-6202 - onefreetrick@gmail.com

John Fitzsimmons
(602) 820-6202


Penn & Teller - Fool Us

The Gong Show!

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John Fitzsimmons
(602) 820-6202