An Official Guinness World Record Attempt

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Record Summery

With the help of my friends at Easley's Fun Shop I will attempt to break the world record for "Most Costumes Tried On In 8 Hours". The current record is 155 costumes and we are going to push for 200 costumes!

Basic Record Rules

Rules for 'most in 8 hour' records

This record is based on the most times to perform a specified activity in eight hours.

Please make sure you follow ALL these rules:

a. The attempt must take place in a public place or in a venue open to public inspection.

b. The event is continuous. The clock does not stop. Eight hours means a complete 8-hour cycle including rest breaks. For example, if the event starts at 10 am, it must finish at 6 pm the same day.

c. Participants may take a pause or break during the attempt but the clock will not stop under any circumstance.

d. A loud start and finish signal recognized by all participants must be used.

e. A log book must be kept detailing the completed activity in the 8 hour time frame. Entries must be made at least every hour to document what has been achieved during the preceding hour.

f. No person under the age of 16 may attempt this record. Persons aged between 16 and 18 must be in possession of a document signed by their parent or legal guardian, giving them permission to compete. This must be added to the log book and witnessed before the attempt has started.

g. There must be two independent witnesses present at all times, independent witnesses must work in shifts of no longer than four hours throughout the attempt. The final two witnesses at the attempt are responsible for reviewing the statements of previous witnesses to determine the final record outcome/total.


John Fitzsimmons
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